Saturday, July 23, 2011

Training in the Semi- Tropics

It's hot here in South Texas. The entire country is suffering through a big heat wave. But here at home, it feels just like it always does this time of year.
Stan and I did a long bike ride today and the heat index was 106° when we finished. I think I got a little dehydrated. I was wearing/using an ice and water filled camelback, had an aero-bottle of Gatorade, and an additional water bottle. Drained nearly all of them. Still, when I finished I felt a little light headed. Then I drank an entire bottle of water and a small bottle of GatorAde. It took me several minutes to recover.
We started early, but not early enough I guess. It doesn't really matter. The temperature doesn't drop much at night, the humidity increases and the wind picks up as the day warms up. So It's always hot no matter when you ride. Getting an early start simple means it's not as windy... yet!

I'm wearing arm coolers this year. I have acquired a lot of sun damage in the past and so now at this late date I am protecting my skin more (not just wearing sunscreen) from the sun. They really do feel cooler as you perspire and the wind blows over your arms. So far they are working... 4 hrs in the sun and no sunburn.

Cycling in the heat is not a problem for me as much as running in the heat. I have a long run tomorrow so I will probably get up before dawn to start. It won't be cool but It will be dark and I won't have the sun beating down on me. I'll be perspiring in a couple minutes anyway. That's what living in a humid environment is like. :)

Well, that's enough about the heat. It's always hot in the summer.:)

I am training again for an Ironman. This year I am entered in the Florida Ironman on Nov 5. IMFL is where I first qualified for the World Championships in Kona, HA. Hoping to do it again 10 years later. I may be older, but I think I am wiser and a lot more experienced. It would sure be cool if I could come close to the time I did back then.

In Sept, Stan and I will be racing in Des Moines, Iowa in an Olympic distance Triathlon (1.5K Swim,40 K bike,10 K run). It is called 5150 for the total distance of the race. It willl be the Nat'l Championships for that Distance. I hope to do well there. It will be sort of a measurment test for Ironman Florida.

I had some minor injuries this past winter so I'm a little behind in my training from where I usually am this time of year. But I have confidence that my trusty coach will get me in shape. Looks like training volume has already picked up. I love it. I just have to make sure I get in all my training and follow my training diet and not get injured.