Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pre-race training in Kona, Hi

Well, The time is almost here. I am in Kona, Hi now doing some easy pre-race training.
I'm getting used to the winds on the Queen K highway and swimming in the ocean.

It's strange that I train in the wind all the time, as I live near the Gulf of Mexico, but the trade winds blowing off the ocean are still stronger than the winds I have at home. It's important to stay focused when the winds are blowing hard. I have been almost blown off the road several times. If the wind is in your face, the effort is magnified many times. If you get the wind at your back , you can fly down the hills. But most of the time the wind is a cross-wind and bowing all the time

Swimming in the ocean is a lot different than swimming in a pool. I have done thousands of yards/meters in training but the ocean is harder. Just like the wind, the ocean is variable. Some days it is smooth (relatively) and other days it is rough. I've swam in the ocean three times since I've been here and it has been different each time. But I am getting used to it. I'm learning to'rock and roll' with the swells and waves. I'm convinced that if I could swim in the ocean regularly, I'd be a lot stronger.

The seafood here is wonderful as one would expect. But I'm trying to not 'pig-out'. We're eating in our condo for breakfast and for lunch and have a nice dinner at night. I bought a couple papayas at the farmers market. They are the best ever! I love Mai Tais.... they are not sold at the farmer's market. They are my favorite alcoholic drink. I only have them in Hawaii.:)

I have been testing my injured leg since we've been here. An overuse injury put an end to my running a few weeks ago. I was taking physical therapy every day before we left. I did not run or walk fast for two weeks.
But I did a run/walk workout a couple days ago andmy leg seems to be holding up well. I don't think it is 100% well so I am focusing on swimming and cycling right now and hope for the best on race day.

Resting a lot now has it's disadvantages. I don't know what to do with myself. But I want my body to be fully rested by race day.

We plan on a snorkel cruise next week as a diversion before the race. Love swimming with the fishes. So looking forward to that. My confidence is building a little day by day.

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