Thursday, April 29, 2010

I got in some good training today. This morning I ran for 1 hr. on a trail in Seabrook. At the half way mark I got a drink and walked for 30 sec. Again at 51 min I had to walk for about 30 sec. At 53 min. I walked again for about 30 sec.! I just cratered. It wasn't even a conscious decision. But then I finished the 1 hr run and was satisfied though exhausted. I was pleased that I 'hung in there' but it was brutal. There is lots of room for improvement.

It's starting to feel like summer here. Temperatures are not terribly high but the humidity on the Gulf coast is always high. I was feeling it today. Even though it was overcast I got really hot before I was done. I'm going to have to get used to it. I don't think it's going to cool down any time soon.

After lunch I went to the gym for a swim workout. Today I did some serious stroke work. I alternated a 500 pull using a rubber band around my ankles so that I couldn't kick, and a pull buoy (to keep my legs afloat) for 500m, then a straight 500m. swim... 2X's. Warmed up with a 300 swim. Total distance was 2300 m.

I think I'm getting stronger and faster on my swim. Training this way forces me to have perfect balance in the water and makes my stroke more efficient. Otherwise I will 'flop around' in the water because I don't have the use of my legs to correct my balance. It also makes me swim harder and faster. No dead spots. No wasted energy.

My next big race is June 13 in Cambridge, MD. It's what they call a 70.3 or a Half Ironman. I think this year will be my 10th or 11th year to race there. It's one of my favorite races. Couldn't be because it's a flat course! :) There are only two people in my age group and it's a Hawaii qualifier. First place wins a slot to the Hawaiian Ironman. The other lady has a better run split than me but I have a better bike split. We're about equal on the swim. I'm trying to break up this equal thing and improve my run.
So long for now. I've got to tackle my Spanish. With all the illegal aliens around here I need to learn how to communicate.

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