Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yesterday was quite a day. I was scheduled for a 4 hr aerobic bike ride. But thunderstorms were forecast everywhere I looked. I wanted to get in some hill work but that meant driving 80 miles to find some hills. I wasn't about to drive 80 miles and then get caught in a storm. I checked out an area closer to home and didn't find a 4hr slot with no storms. So reluctantly I opted for a Spinerval. I choose Coach Troy's Louisville Ironman Triathlon bike course on DVD. Since I didn't have to travel anywhere I decided to do a little gardening before the rains hit.
Preparing the bed around the gaslight didn't seem like too big a task and the I could plant later. Well, that took two hours! I came in for some lunch and was so tired from all that digging and turning over the soil I decided to take a 'power nap' before I started my bike. I couldn't lay down TOO long because 4 hours is 4 hours! I was so concerned about getting my ride done that I couldn't relax. So got up and prepared to ride on my trainer. (It still wasn't raining but looked threatening) I held on and got 3 hrs done on the trainer and the Louisville bike course. (Coach Troy says 3 hrs on the trainer is like 4 hrs on the road).It still wasn't raining so I went back out to the garden and planted some purple verbenas and yellow marigolds. Then to the backyard to continue my war on the trumpet vines. It didn't take very long before I felt like I could not dig one more hole to get to the trumpet vine roots.
I came into the house and told Stan I was DONE. It was getting close to dinner time. I said, "it sure would be nice if someone served ME dinner." We ordered pizza.:)
After dinner, off to my computer to study my Spanish and French. For some reason my brain felt lazy. I couldn't remember the word I had just learned. But I got through one lesson of each. I think I will have to review those lessons again.
By 10 PM, my legs hurt so bad I could barely walk. Can't be the gardening or the bike ride. I think it was the squats I did on Fri at the gym.
It never did rain!

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