Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ironman training

For the benefit of my friends that want to follow my training progress, I have decided to keep a 'sometimes log' for their entertainment. :)

Today I had a 2 hr bike ride scheduled and a 30 in run. My husband, Stan, and I are here in Hunt Valley, MD so that I can get some hill work. Where we live in Tex on the Gulf coast it is very flat so I need some hill practice. Obviously, climbing hills on a bicycle is not one of my strong suits. I
I have been coming here for several years for hill training so I am familiar with some of the roads near our Condo.

There are no easy or moderate hills here. I just jump right in and attack the hard hills. Needless to say, I am struggling. Some hills that look easy are not, some that look really steep turn out to be not too big a deal. And some I have to walk. I'm trying to get strong enough to eliminate the walking. Climbing a hard hill leaves me breathless. My heart rate is near it's max and I am gasping for breath. When I recover I go at it again. Sometimes I have to stop and rest.My HR returns to something resembling normal and I go on. Sometimes I am afraid I will not make it up the hill before I crash. If the wheels aren't turning around, the bike will fall over!:) The thought terrifies me.
But flying down the hill is a lot of fun. I frequently come down hills at 28-32 mph. I really have to focus when going that fast. The other day a deer ran across the road in front of me when I was going about 28 mph. Also, it is very wooded in some areas. The trees cast deep shadows on the road and it is hard to tell the shadows from a pothole or large crack.

I consider a 2 hr ride a moderate ride, but the hills make it tougher. There are no flat spots. So I am either going up at a crawl or flying down, switching gears constantly.

It's been pretty hot lately, in the 100's. Hydrating is crucial. The least little bit of dehydration will affect my ability to ride hard. I'm not real good at getting a drink when I'm climbing or when I'm going downhill so I need to practice that.

Today's ride was tough but I may be getting a little better.

Also planned was a 30 min run on the NCR trail(a rails to trails path) popular with cyclists and runners near our Condo. It was over 100 deg. when I finished my bike ride so I figured to do the run later when it cooled off. It never got cool enough to make a difference so I ran the 30 min in 100+ temp.
I'm a little tired tonight but I'm okay.

Tomorrow another 2 hr bike with hill repeats( riding up a steep hill several times) and a swim.
I will fill you in on the details tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like you're working through the tough parts with a great attitude. It's funny how talking to yourself can be calming - but then when you're on the move as much as you are these days who else is going to be able to answer your questions?
    The next two weeks training will go quickly - gain every bit of ground you can! You must feel so satisfied to know you're giving it your all and improving every day.
    You hang in there and know we're cheering you on.