Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ironman training

I did another two hr ride today with three hill repeats.

It wasn't as hot today but I'm being extremely careful to stay hydrated. Since the hills are so difficult for me I sure don't need my strength jeopardized by being dehydrated. I think I did pretty good today. That's not a statement of great improvement but just maybe I'm getting a little accustomed to the effort required.
There is one hill I still cannot ride all the way to the top. It is brutal. Not only is it steep, it is long. Just when I think I can make it, I crap out and have to stop. I am breathing so hard, I'm sure I am at my Max heart rate.

Yesterday, while I was resting halfway up this hill, a young women, sort of plump, came by on her bike, so easily, just riding along. I'm busting my butt and she looked like it wasn't tough at all.

I did the three hill repeats up a hill called Ivy Hill. It goes straight up into a residential area. It doesn't look like much at first but then it gets really steep. I start out going pretty fast and barely make to the top at a crawl. When I reach the top, I stop as quickly as I can with what little strength I have left and breathe! It's takes me a couple minutes before I can ride back down the hill and do it again. I hope to be able to conquer this hill and move on to a more difficult one before long.
One of the things that would help me a lot is to weigh less. I'm working on it.

Later this afternoon, I did a 2100 m. swim. I thought I might be tired but I did well. I worked hard for all of it. After a warm-up and some drills, I did 6 X 200 pull. I pull using the freestyle and with rubber tubing tied around my ankles so that I cannot kick. I love doing this. It forces me to maintain a strong, steady stroke. I think my shoulders are getting stronger

Tomorrow, an easy day.

Talk at ya later.

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  1. I have your blog linked to my Google Reader. That way, once in a while I notice that you posted Something. I can read the latest posts while in the Reader. I mention this and make the comment so you will know that your aren't just writing to hear your keyboard keys click.